Dear Oakville Resident,

As we welcome the New Year, it’s a time to reflect on the
remarkable growth our province has experienced. This past year,
Ontario expanded with unprecedented population growth.
While this surge has brought vibrancy and diversity, it
also presents significant challenges in housing, healthcare,
infrastructure, and transportation.

Ontario’s government has been proactive in addressing these
issues. Our commitment to enhancing the quality of life in our
province remains unwavering. We have made historic investments
recognizing these challenges as key areas for sustainable growth.
Highlights of our efforts include:

• Infrastructure Development: Under Ontario’s Plan to Build,
we are investing $185 billion over 10 years, including
$20.7 billion in 2023–24, to enhance highways, roads,
transit, healthcare, education, and digital infrastructure.

• Housing Initiatives: We aim to build 1.5 million homes
by 2031, focusing on affordability. We’re reducing the
provincial HST by eight percent on new rental projects,
with plans to eliminate the full 13 percent HST,
in partnership with the federal government.

• Healthcare Investment: With a $72 million investment,
we’re accelerating surgeries and reducing wait times.
Since June 2023, we’ve cut the surgery waitlist by
over 25,000 cases.

Our focus is clear: to ensure that Ontario continues to be a
province synonymous with opportunity and a high quality of life.
The government is dedicated to tackling the challenges head-on,
ensuring that our growth is both sustainable and inclusive.
As we step into another year, as your representative, I am deeply
proud to voice and represent the diverse and vibrant community
of Oakville. We are focused on creating good jobs, attracting
industry investments, and ensuring that Oakville remains a
beacon of prosperity and innovation. Together, we are on a path
to build a Strong Ontario – an Ontario that reflects the strength
and resilience of our community.

Stephen Crawford
MPP – Oakville