Meet Stephen Crawford

Stephen Crawford was born in Mississauga, Ontario to his parents William and Diane Crawford. He grew up in Mississauga, Ontario and attended Lorne Park Secondary School.

Stephen attended the University of Western Ontario to study Political Science, and then went to University of Toronto for Business. After university he then went on to earn his Canadian Investment Manager (CIM) designation.

After completing his education, Stephen worked as a financial advisor at Midland Walwyn. He went on to become a senior executive and senior equity partner at Acuity Funds Ltd. The company became one of the fastest growing asset management firms in Canada, growing to almost $10 billion in managed assets. The company was acquired by AGF Management Ltd. in 2011. After Acuity, Stephen became a senior executive and helped transition and build O’Leary Funds LP before it was purchased by Canoe Financial in 2016.

Stephen resides in Oakville, Ontario, where he lives with his wife Najia. Stephen is blessed to be the father of two sets of identical twin girls. Stephen is very engaged in the Oakville community. He is a member of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce, 100 Guys Who Care-Oakville, and the Royal Canadian Military Institute. He is also a vocal supporter of Plan Canada’s “Because I am a Girl” campaign, which focuses on empowering young girls rights to education, and health-care globally.

In his role as a Member of Provincial Parliament, Stephen has had the privilege of introducing two Private Member’s Bills in the legislature. Both bills have been focused on protecting consumers. 

In 2018, Stephen introduced Bill 55, The Safeguarding our Information Act, 2018, which requires that government institutions requesting to obtain personal information may only disclose information if the consumer consents. 

Stephen introduced his second bill in 2020, Bill 243, Trespass to Property Amendment Act (Protecting Consumers from Package Piracy), that establishes the first provincial fines for trespassing with the purpose of stealing or otherwise interfering with a package. 

​Stephen was awarded the Key to Oakville because of his work to keep Oakville a distinct town during the provincial amalgamation assessment.